Our mission


www.hungergeneration.com is the educational website.

Our aim is to increase the social awareness about world hunger. We are writing articles regarding the scale of hunger and its causes in straightforward manner. We are also offering solutions for the problem, describing the regions, that need our help the most, to change the current situation.

The hunger problem is definitely the moral issue. Modern world is in possession of all the tools that are needed to tackle the most of social and political problems. Looking at human history, there are many examples of situations, when common effort of several countries, helped to solve even the very complicated issues.

Unfortunately, third world countries are not being treated seriously by politics and important international organizations. They are not being treated seriously by ‘the wealthy world’.

But we are not going to leave them. We have already allowed for way too many people to die, from the hand of the biggest killer of our times – the hunger.

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Our mission:

  • We are delivering straightforward knowledge about hunger around the world
  • We are writing about its political and economic causes
  • Our articles are only based on professional sources, whose authors, are people who have been deeply engaged in fighting world hunger for many years now
  • We support actions lead by organizations, who offer help and support to hungry people all around the world

  • We want to open a forum, which would allow a cooperation of many organizations, regardless of their location.

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