Articles about world hunger problem

World Hunger – basic information

The scale of World Hunger can only be measured, after defining the term – hunger. It has three main meanings:

- Strong, painful feeling, caused by lack of food; feeling of weakness related to desire to eat,

- Lack of food in specific area,

- Acute and severe need for food.

The World Hunger map.

Before creating, the World Hunger map, firstly, you need to decide about criteria that contribute towards hunger. Occurrence of those indicators around the world would be able to give you accurate results.

In general, hunger is defined as physical discomfort and pain, caused by deficiency or inadequate consumption of food. It is often a result of food insecurity.

Military conflicts, as a cause of World Hunger.

On this website, you will be able to find a lot of articles, regarding reasons for continuous World Hunger, such as global economy, egoistic activities of corporations and financial groups, as well as local problems within societies.

However, the major obstacle, which have been a source of trouble for countless years, are military conflicts.

The real causes of World Hunger.

In minds of modern society, there are many stereotypes, related to hunger and undernourishment. A lot of people are deeply convinced that it is caused by overpopulation in developing countries.

Is global capitalism causing world hunger?

Capitalism is an economic system, which dominates in wealthy countries. The history of 20th century, has shown huge superiority of this conception, over the other ones, such as centrally managed economy in communist systems. However, world global capitalism is deeply imperfect. It is a core of social inequality, suffering an unbalance, as well as concentration of all 'economic power' in hands of the most important players.

Do you realise that poor people around the world are dying from hunger, while Western countries are throwing their food away?

There is a myth, often used as a reason of continuous world hunger, which states that the number of people on the Earth is so high, there is not enough food for them all. It’s a nonsense. We would only require around 27 billion dollars to feed those in need. That’s less that what the US spends on perfume industry every year. Western culture is a 'throw food away' culture. Being able to behave so wastefully without consequences, gives people the feeling of power and comfort. If you are wealthy enough to not to finish off half of your dinner, it means you are far more richer that you can imagine.

What can you do to help, if you are a person in power?

In many articles on this website, we are saying about real causes of world hunger. Natural disasters, drought and overpopulation, are just excuses, used by rich people from the West. Hunger is an 'artificial' problem that was created by humans and which is continuously maintained.

So, what can you do , if you are a politician, a directorate member of a large corporation or you work for management of international company?