- There are almost 800 million hungry people on our planet,

- They mostly live in South Africa, South America and Asia,

- Modern economy is fully able to solve hunger problem,

- World food resources are exceeding our needs by 100%,

- Half of all the food produced around the world gets thrown away,

- We would only need $37 billion to feed all of the hungry people. In Italy alone, 34 billion euro worth of food gets thrown away every year,

- The hunger problem is a moral problem. It has nothing to do with economy.



The hunger problem is the biggest humanitarian disaster of modern world. It is the tragedy that results in millions of deaths (especially children). Malnutrition is also a cause of many illnesses and diseases. It may lead to eyesight problems, blindness, poor development of bones and many other disabilities. Hunger leads to huge economic and social imbalance. The problem is so big, that it requires everybody to start acting against it immediately.

Unfortunately, a lot of stereotypes regarding world hunger has been put into out minds over the years. Many of them make you think, that this issue is unsolvable and this is one of the reasons of continuous stagnation. By not taking any action, we are simply leaving those people for death.

On this website, you’ll be able to find the articles, covering the actual reasons of world hunger. You can also read about possible methods for solving it, as well as actions that everyone (including you) could take to help.


Check information about the scale of world hunger and also its geography. You’ll get to know the reasons for this tragedy.....


Hunger problem is not something that’s impossible to change. There are economic and structural changes, which when put in place, could solve it. You’ll find out more about it at this web site.


Hunger disaster is not an economical problem. It is a moral problem, that involves the blindness of political and financial elites.


There are regions in the world, where feeding one person for a month costs only $1.25! If you wish, you could support humanitarian organizations in food and medicine purchases, building wells, etc. Just click on the DONATE banner.