What can you do to help, if you are a person in power?

What can you do to help, if you are a person in power?

In many articles on this website, we are saying about real causes of world hunger. Natural disasters, drought and overpopulation, are just excuses, used by rich people from the West. Hunger is an 'artificial' problem that was created by humans and which is continuously maintained.

So, what can you do , if you are a politician, a directorate member of a large corporation or you work for management of international company?

Every problem related to world hunger and finding a solution for it, begins in our mind. We are keep using stereotypes, which force us to think that all of this is insolvable. In fact, the truth is that within politics, society and economy, there is something, called crisis management. It means that there are procedures and methods in place, to help us deal with difficult circumstances. For example, in politics, we hear about conflicts, wars, economic migration, disasters, etc. In all those cases, governments are taking immediate steps, such as organising international meetings, and discussions. They are often ready to spend billions of dollars, as well as devote their energy and time in order to get those situations under control.

Why they aren’t putting that much effort into ending world hunger? Although we have heard about spectacular, but ineffective gatherings, such as Millennium Summit of United Nations, where poverty and hunger problem where discussed, no significant actions has taken place. Why? Because poor regions of Africa, South America and Asia are not politically attractive for rich leaders of Western World. However, they are extremely attractive for large corporations and food producers, as those regions are full of inexpensive land and cheap labour. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in helping those ill, suffering people, because they don’t have money and can offer no payment for goods. It simply would not be profitable. Nowadays, human life does not matter. Budgets, calculations and financial gains have blinded Western society.

Are you a person in power?

You need to realise that if you are taking part in decision making within your company, organization or political party, you are responsible for this tragic situation. It is not the hopeless fate of those people, neither God’s will. It’s the effect of human decisions that is prolonging hunger. Decisions, which are cynical, egoistic and heartless. Governments of Western countries are turning their eyes away from hungry people, who truly need them. And we are leaving them to die.

If you are in power, you can do a lot. Do not say that some things just cannot be changed. We are ruled by the group of rich, evil egocentrics. Are you going to let them destroy our beautiful world, with its ethics and values? I know that they do influence political decisions as well, including those international ones, but it’s only because politicians gave them room for that.

To finally bring the change, couldn’t we use the simplest tool known to us – legislation? Imagine a fundamental law, that would protect people around the world from dying of starvation, by giving them access to food supply, through work or social security payments. It could be the modern, international legislation that every country have to comply with, for understandable, moral reasons.

At the moment, all countries have to comply with the law about not killing one another. Why shall we then let the rich group to dictate to us who gets the food and who is denied it, when their decisions are based purely on economical aspects. They are guilty of mass murders, which they claim to be legal.

What can you do, if you are in power? Fight for the law that would bring equal, basic right to live, for every human on the earth, despite their race, age, belief and country. People are dying of starvation every few seconds, because we forgot about them and refused to help. Do a research about this problem. Find the part in yourself, which is pure, good and WANT to help. Speak out. Explain to others what their ethical responsibility is and get them involved. You need to believe that there are good, understanding people out there and I can assure you that it’s truth. Together, you can take real actions.

I guess, you could quite easily name few well-known individuals, who have contributed to implementing substantial changes on international scale. It all begins with an idea. In the past, there were hundreds initiatives, which have had significant, positive effect on people's wellbeing. Maybe, now it is the time to start 'End of Hunger' initiative. Western World have seemed to be afraid of dealing with this issue for years. There is nothing that could justify their lack of action.

The other solution for world hunger is to support local farming. So far, global economy has led only to huge exploitation and destruction. When all the money goes to big companies, regular people are left out with nothing. In the poorest regions, it is even more tough, as they are often subjected to difficult weather conditions .

We should stop wasting time for summits that bring lots of declarations, but not actual actions. There needs to be real, international, open discussion on how to solve world hunger, putting financial aspects aside. As a result of that, I wish to see a structured plan of how to do business morally and ethically. There should be a system in place that would regulate corporations' activities, regardless the region.

If you are a politician and you declared to work for the benefit of people, prove that you are the right person on the right job. Be honest and take action.